van Gogh


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A quick overview

The owner of the Dutch company JBWT (Jan Bakker WebTeksten) is a writer and art historical researcher. His latest project consists of research into the works of Vincent van Gogh. This famous Dutch painter used many codes with an international touch, including links to Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, the USA and the Far East. A great discovery is that Vincent van Gogh elaborated on codes applied by the 16th century Dutch painter Jan van Scorel. A good example is his work "Mary Magdalene" (1529). Another discovery is the relationship between the "Potato Eaters" and the German city where the Van Gogh family originally came from: Goch. There is also clearly a preconceived plan in the production of certain works. For example, the work the "Potato Eaters" (1885) cannot be seen separately from "Starry Night" (1889). Vincent van Gogh was a brilliant painter who worked on a secret level on behalf of third parties.

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